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全国高考真题 卷2 阅读


红色为解题重点单词 (题干核心单词,文章做题线索,正确选项)



Summer Activities

Students should read the list with theirparents/carers, and select two activities they would like to do. Forms will beavailable in school and online for them to indicate their choices and return toschool. Before choices are finalized . parents/ carers will be asked to sign toconfirm their child's choices




Member of staff



Outdoor Adveture  OUT

Take  yourself out of your comfort zone for a week discover new  personnl qualitiesand learn new  skills.You will be able to take part in a number of activities forms canoeing to wild camping on  Dartmoor. Learn rock climbing and work as a teamand  enjoy the great outdoor environment.

Mr. Clemens


WWI Battlefields  and Paris


On  Monday we travel to London. After staying overnight in London, we travel on  Day 2 to northern. France to visit the World War I battlefields.  On Day 3 we cross into Belgium. Thursday sees us make the short journey to  Paris where we will visit Disneyland Paris parkstaying until  late to see the parade and the fireworks. Our final day. Fridaysees  us visit central Paris and tour the main sights.

Mrs. Wilson



Four  days of product design centred around textiles. Making lovely objects using  recycled and made materials. Bagscushions and decorations…Learn  Skills and leave with modern and unusual textiles.



Potty about  Potter POT

Visit  Warner Bros StudioShop stop to buy  picnicstay  overnight  in an approved Youth Hostel in Streatley-on-Thamesguided  tour of Oxford to see the film locationspicnic lunch  outside Oxford's Christchurchboating on the  River Cherwell through the University Parkbefore heading  back to Exeter.

Miss Drake


21. Which activity will you choose if you want to go camping?





22. What will the students do on Tuesday with Mrs. Wilson?

A. Travel to London.

B. See a parade and fireworks.

C. Tour central Paris.

D. Visit the WWI battlefields.

23. Howlong does Potty about Potter last

A. Two days.

B. Four days.

C. Five days.

D. One week.


Many of us love Julybecause it's the month when nature's berries and stone fruits are in abundance.These colourful and sweet jewels from British Columbia's fields are littlepowerhouses of nutritional protection.

Of the common berries, strawberriesare highest in vitamin C, although, because of their seeds, raspberries containa little more protein (蛋白质) iron and zincnot that fruits have much protein). Blueberries areparticularly high in antioxidants(抗氧化物质).The yellow and orange stone fruits such as peaches are high in the carotenoidswe turn into vitamin A and which are antioxidants, As for cherries (樱花). theyare so delicious who cares? However ,they are rich in vitamin C.

When combined with berriesor slices of other fruits. frozen bananas make an excellent base for thick,cooling fruit shakes and low fat “ice cream”. For this purpose, select ripebananas for freezing as they are much sweeter. Remove the skin and place themin plastic bags or containers and freeze If you like, a squeeze of fresh lemonjuice on the bananas will prevent them turning brown. Frozen bananaswill last several weeks, depending on their ripeness and the temperature of thefreezer.

If you have a juicer, youcan simply feed in frozen bananas and some berries or sliced fruit. Out comes a“soft-serve” creamy dessert, to be eaten right away.This makes a fun activity for a children's party they love feeding the fruit and frozen bananas into thetop of the machine and watching the ice cream come out below.

24. What doesthe author seem to like about cherries?

A. They contain protein.

B. They are high in vitamin A.

C. They have a pleasant taste.

D. They are rich in antioxidants.

25. Why is fresh lemonjuice used in freezing bananas

A. To make them smell better.

B. To keep their colour.

C. To speed up their ripening

D. To improve their nutrition.

26. What is “a juicer”inthe last paragraph?

A. A dessert.

B. A drink.

C. A container.

D. A machine.

27. From which is the textprobably taken?

A. A biology textbook.

B. A health magazine.

C. A research paper.

D. A travel brochure.


Teensand younger children are reading a lot less for fun, according to a Common Sense Media reportpublishedMonday.

While thedecline over the past decade is steep for teen readers, some data in the reportshows that reading remains a big part of many children's lives, and indicateshow parents might help encourage more reading.

Accordingto the report's key findings, “the proportion(比例) who say they‘hardly ever’read for fun has gone from 8 percent of13-year-olds and 9 percent of 17-year-olds in 1984 to 22 percent and 27 percentrespectively today.”

The reportdata shows that pleasure reading levels for younger children. ages 2-8, remainlargely the same. But the amount of time spent in reading each session hasdeclined, from closer to an hour or more to closer to a half hour per session.

When itcomes to technology and readingthe report does little to counsel (建议) parentslooking for data about the effect of e-readers and tablets on reading. It doespoint out that many parents still limit electronic reading, mainly due to concerns about increased screen time.

The mosthopeful data shared in the report shows clear evidence of parents serving as examples and important guides for their kids when it comes to reading,Data shows that kids and teens who do read frequently, compared to infrequentreaders, have more books in the home, more books purchased for them, parentswho read more often, and parents who set aside time for them to read.

As the endof school approaches, and school vacation reading lists loom (逼近) ahead,parents might take this chance to step in and make their own summer readinglist and plan a family trip to the library or bookstore.


28. Whatis the Common Sense Media report probably about?

A. Children’s readinghabits.

B. Quality of children's books.

C. Children’s after-class activities.

D. parent-child relationships.

29. Wherecan you find the data that best supports“childrenare reading a lot less for fun”?

A. In paragraph 2.

B. In paragraph 3.

C. In paragraph 4

D. In paragraph 5.

30. Why domany parents limit electronic reading?

A. E-books are of poor quality.

B. It could be a waste of time.

C. It may harm children’s health.

D. E-readers are expensive.

31. How should parents encourage their children to read more?

A. Act as role models for them

B. Ask them to write book reports

C Set up reading groups for them

D. Talk with their reading class teachers


We've all been there: in a lift, in line at the bank oron an airplane, surrounded by people who are, like us, deeply focused on theirsmartphones or, worse, struggling with the uncomfortable silence.

What's the problem? It's possible that we all havecompromised conversational intelligence. It's more likely that none of us starta conversation because it's awkward and challenging, or we think it's annoyingand unnecessary. But the next time you find yourself among strangers, considerthat small talk is worth the trouble .Experts say it's an invaluable socialpractice that results in big benefits.

Dismissing small talk as unimportant is easy, but wecan't forget that deep relationships wouldn't even exist if it weren't forcasual conversation. Small talk is the grease (润滑剂)for social communication, says Bernardo Carducci,director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast."Almost every great love story and each big business deal begins withsmall talk, "he explains. "The key to successful small talk is learning how to connect with others, not just communicate with them.”

In a 2014 study, Elizabeth Dunn, associate professor ofpsychology at UBC, invited people on their way into a coffee shop. One groupwas asked to seek out an interaction(互动) with its waiter, the other, to speak only whennecessary. The results showed that those who chatted with their server reported significantly higher positive feelings and a better coffee shopexperience. "it's not that talking to the waiter is better than talking toyour husband.”says Dunn ."But interactions with peripheral (边缘的)membersof our social network matter for our well-being also.”

Dunn believes that people who reach out to strangers feela significantly greater sense of belonging, a bond with others. Carduccibelieves developing such a sense of belonging starts with small talk."Small talk is the basis of good manners, ”he says.


32. What phenomenon is described in the first paragraph?

A.Addiction to smartphones

B .Inappropriate behaviours in public places

C. Absence of communication between strangers.

D .Impatience with slow service

33. What is important for successful small talk according to Carducci?

A. Showing good manners.

B.Relating to other people.

C. Focusing on a topic.

D Making business deals

34. What does the coffee-shopstudy suggest about small talk?

A. It improves family relationships.

B. It raises people's confidence.

C. It matters as much as a formal talk.

D. Itmakes people feel good.

35. What is the best title forthe text?

A. Conversation Counts

B. Ways of Making Small Talk

C. Benefits of Small Talk

D. Uncomfortable Silence

全国高考真题 卷2 语篇填空



Diets have changed in china-and so too has its top crop. Since 2011, thecountry 61has grown (grow) more corn than rice Corn production has jumped nearly 125 percent over 62 the past 25 years,while rice has increased only 7 percent.

A taste for meat is 63 actually (actual) behind thechange: An important part of its corn is used to feed chickens, pigs, andcattle. Another reason for corn's rise: The government encourages farmers togrow corn instead of rice 64to improve(improve) water quality. Corn uses less water 65thanrice and creates less fertilizer (化肥)runoff. This switch has decreased66 pollution(pollute)in the country's major lakes andreservoirs and made drinking water safer for people.

According to the World Bank, China accounts for about 30 percent of total 67global(globe) fertilizerconsumption. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture finds that between 2005-when the government  68started  (start) a soil-testing program   69 which  gives specific fertilizer recommendations tofarmers- and 2011, fertilizer use dropped by 7.7 million tons. That preventedthe emission(排放) of 51.8 million tons of carbon dioxide. China'sapproach to protecting its environment while   70 feeding (feed) its citizens“ offersuseful lessons for agriculture and food policymakers worldwide” says thebank's Juergen Voegele.


2018 高考英语押题密卷——英力特教育

第二部分  阅读理解(共两节,满分40)

第一节  (15小题;每小题2分,满分30)



National parks acrossthe USA offer visitors more than just hiking paths and points ofinterests. Park guests can now get to know their beautiful landscapes and richhistories in a whole new way with these adventure ideas.

• Golfing in DeathValley National Park

You’ve played the world’s bestgolf coursesbut have you played the world’s lowest? Put the ball at the Furnace CreekGolf Course located in California’s remote Death Valley National Park. In addition to golf, the course also sets the stage for a horse-drawncarriage sightseeing offered through the resort’s Furnace Creek Stables.

• Luxury Camping in Yellowstone NationalPark

Want to experience sleeping underthe stars? Far and Away Adventures serves up luxury-camping trips into Yellowstone National Park, covering States of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, complete with comfortablebedding and tents, delicious meals, and backcountry adventures. Guests are guided to a remote campsitealong Yellowstone Lake by boat, and spend several days boatingalong its shores, fishing, and hiking among some of the park’s most originallandscapes.

• Dog sledgein Denali National Park

Experience a dog sledge tripthrough one of the last wild frontiers(边疆), Denali National Park andPreserve in Alaska. A team of dogs and experienced guides from EarthSong Lodge lead guestsinto the remote and calm land inside Alaska. Although day trips areavailable, multi-day sledge travels allow visitors to learn the art of dogdragging, not to mention enjoying grand views of Mt. McKinley.

• Canyon Vistas Mule Ridein Grand Canyon National Park

Take in the Grand Canyon, located in State of Arizona, by four-footed mule(骡子) for breathtaking views alongthe edge and into its depths. Mule rides have been offered at the GrandCanyon since 1887, and are a rich part of the canyon’s history. A newfour-mile tour along the edge, the Canyon Mule Ride, takes approximately threehours to complete. Along the path, riders speak to the geologic shapes andhuman history of the area.

21Among the national parksmentioned above, how many of them offer animal service for guests to enjoybeautiful natural scenery?

A. one    B. two

C. three    D. four

22Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The four national parksare located in different states of the USA.

B. In Death Valley NationalPark, guests can play the world’s best golf courses.

C. Of the four nationalparks, Yellowstone National Park covers the largest area.

D. Park visitors haverecently been offered mule rides in Grand Canyon National Park.

23If you are keen to learn aboutthe geologic features of the park, you may choose to visit        .

A. DeathValley National Park    B. Yellowstone NationalPark

C. Denali NationalPark    D. Grand Canyon National Park






**“No pains, no gains.” gives the impressionthat we ought to be suffering while we study. It seems that the only way toknow if we’re putting in enough work is how much hardship we bear. We aretotally taken up with study, shutting ourselves away for a big exam. Is thatnecessarily true?

When we haven’t taken the time to come up withanother idea, we just shut ourselves in a room with a book. It’s no surprisethat we find revision boring and difficult. Just as children learn from playing, we can learnfrom doing, or at least from study techniques that interest us, rather thanmake us switch off. Shutting ourselves away can make us learn to hate studying,leading to a situation where instead of being able to concentrate on our work, we aretroubled by how unfair it is that we must study. This can be part of a viciouscycle(恶性循环) that trapsus into ineffective revision, your poor progress fueling further annoyance.

Thankfully, working in the company of otherpeople really helps fight against that. We just need to learn how to deal withdistractions. It’s not necessary to avoid all company, just idle(懒散的)company. People, who are bored and lookingto be distracted, are terrible to work around. They constantly try to keep others in conversation. While studying in the same roomwith someone who is ironing or working out is perfectly possible. Of course,it’s also a good idea to avoid the company of people involved in activities where you wouldrather be playing than study. Working while sitting next to someone playingvideo games is most likely to end with a new high score in games rather thanproductive revision.

If being around others means working in anoisy environment, a pair of headphones and some background music can block out noises. They also act as a psychologicalbarrier, so that people think twice before interrupting you. Besides, we shouldknow friends and family can lessen feelings of isolation(孤立). And connecting with other people makes us happy, so it’s important not to give that up and to make surethat we take the time to socialize.

24.The author’spurpose in writing the textis to ___________.

A. introduce an effective studying means

B. encourage us to work as hard as possible

C. remind us to balance activities and study

D. discuss the importance of family company

25.What can we learn from the second paragraph?

 A.Revision is interesting and easy with study techniques for certain.

 B.Shutting ourselves away can help concentrate on work.

 C.A favorable interest might lead to effective revision.

 D.Good ideas areneeded in terms of progress.

26.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 implies that ___________.

A. playing video games is helpful for an effective study

B. one shouldn’t study with the company of avideo player

C. one should study from certain activitiesthat one is interested in

D. the more time one spends in playing games,the higher test scores one will get

27.If you are studying in a noisy environment, you’d better ___________.  

A. think twice before taking any action

B. give up others’ company at once

C. give indication of not wanting to beinterrupted

D. force yourself to be accustomed to theenvironment




**Facing increasing pressure toraise students' scores on standardized tests, schools are urging kids to work harder byoffering them obvious encouragements. Happy Meals are at the low end of thescale. With the help of businesses, schools are also giving away cars, iPods,seats to basketball games, and — in a growing number of cases — cold, hardcash. The appeal of such programs is obvious, but the consequences of tyinggrades to goods are still uncertain. It's been a common tradition in middle-class families toreward top grades with cash as a way to teach that success in school leads to success in life. But for many disadvantagedminority children,the long-term benefits ofgetting an education are not so clear, according to experts.

    No one knows for sure how well cash andother big-ticket rewards work in education in the long run. But there areplenty of concernsthat this kind of practice could have negative effects on kids. Virginia Shiller, aclinical psychologist, says that it's worth experimenting with cashencouragements but that tying them to success on a test is not a worthwhilegoal. "I'd rather see rewards based on effort and responsibility — thingsthat will lead to success in life," she says.

    Even if rewards don't lead to individualachievement on a test, they could have a meaningful effect in the school.Charles McVean, a businessman, and philanthropist(慈善家), started a tutoringprogram which pays higher-achieving students $10 an hour to tutor strugglingclassmates and divides them into teams. During the course of the year, studentsbond and compete. The team posting the highest math scores wins the top cashprize of $100. McVean calls the combination of peer(同龄人) tutoring, competition,and cash encouragements a recipe for "nothing less than magic".

    For its part, the Seminole County PublicSchools system in Florida plans to continue its report card encouragement program through the restof the school year. The local McDonald's restaurants help the poor district bypaying the $1,600 cost of printing the report card. Regina Klaers, the districtspokeswoman, says most parentsdon't seem bothered by the Happy Meals rewards. "There are many ways wetry to urge students to do well, and sometimes it's through the stomach, andsometimes it's the probability of students winning a car," she says,"One size doesn't fit all."

28. According to the text, it is a common practice for schools to _______.

A: offer free meals to studentswith high scores

B: tie students' grades tomaterial rewards

C: educate students to form abusiness sense

D: cooperate with business toimprove teaching

29. According to the text, the long-term results of givingstudents cash as rewards in education are _______.

A: negative

B: optimistic

C: uncertain

D: disappointing

30. The tutoring program run byCharles McVean _______.

A: hires some excellent teachersto teach the struggling students

B: has a meaningful effect ininspiring students' enthusiasm on study

C: is a program combiningtutoring, competition and future job offers

D: rewards the student with theest scores with cash prize of $100

31. We can learn that in SeminoleCounty _______.

A: there are various ways toinspire students to study hard

B: many parents are not satisfied with the HappyMeals rewardshigh

C: the local McDonald'srestaurants provide the rewards for poor students

D: people are searching for agood-for-all method to urge students to do well


1. B

正确率: 75%, 易错项: C

2. C

正确率: 57%, 易错项: A

3. B

正确率: 85%, 易错项: D

4. A


People have been wondering whyelephants do not develop cancer even though they have lifespans(寿命) that are similar tohumans, living for around 50 to 70 years.

    Now scientists believe they know why. Ateam at the University of Chicago, US has found that elephants carry a largenumber of genes that stop tumors(肿瘤) developing. To be precise, theyfound 20 copies of an anti-tumor gene called TP53 in elephants. Most otherspecies, including humans, only carry one copy.

    According to the research, the extra copies of the gene improvedthe animal's sensitivity to DNA damage, which lets the cells quickly killthemselves when damaged before they can go on to form deadly tumors.

    "An increased risk of developing cancer has stood inthe way of the evolution of large body sizes in many animals," the study author Dr. Vincent Lynchtold The Guardian. If every living cell has the same chance of becoming cancerous(癌变的), large creatures with along lifespan likewhales and elephants should have a greater risk of developing cancer thanhumans and mice. But across species, the risk of cancer does not show a connection withbody mass.

    This phenomenon was found by Oxford Universityscientist Richard Peto in the 1970s and later named "Peto's paradox(悖论)". Biologistsbelieve it resultsfrom larger animals using protection that many smaller animals do not. In theelephant's case, the making of TP53 is nature's way of keeping this species alive.

    The study also found that when the same genes werebrought to life in mice, they had the same cancer resistance as elephants. Thismeans researchers could usethe discovery to develop new treatments that can help stop cancers spreading oreven developing in the first place.

    "Nature has already figured out how topreventcancer," said Joshua Schiffman, a biologist at the School of Medicine,University of Utah, US. "It's up to us to learn how different animals dealwith the problem so that we can use those strategies to prevent cancer in people."

32. Why are elephants unlikely todevelop cancer?

A: They have a rather large bodysize.

B: Their genes suffer no DNA damage.

C: Certain genes in their body kill existingtumors.

D: They carry many genes to prevent tumorsdeveloping.

33. According to the passage, what has been a risk inthe evolution of large animals?

A: Deadly tumors.

B: The huge body mass.

C: Cells killing themselves.

D: Sensitivity to DNA damage.

34. What does the underlined part"This phenomenon"in Paragraph 5 probably refer to?

A: Larger animals have protectionfrom TP53.

B: The risk of cancer is not related to body size.

C: Larger animals suffer the samerisk of cancer as smaller ones.

D: The larger animals are, thebigger risk of cancer they will have.

35. What can be concluded fromthe passage?

A: Depending on nature is surelyenough to fight against cancer.f

B: The TP53 genes have proveduseful in stopping cancer in people.

C: Humans are expected to prevent cancer with themaking of TP53.

D: The extra copies of elephants’genes are used to cure cancer patients.

第二节  (5小题;每小题2分,满分10



Expressing gratitude regularly is awonderful habit toyour children. Infact, studies have shown that people who feel gratitude on a daily basis are happier ingeneral. Today well discuss ideasto help your childrenexpress theirgratitude.

Make a gratitude tree. Start with a largepiece of craft paper and draw a tree trunk. Then ask the kids to paint or color it in brown. Each day ask your kids to think ofsomething they're thankful for. ___16___ And theyll have a gratitude tree full of leaves one day.

Express your thankfulness to the ones youlove. ___17___ Print the photos in a 5'×7'size and ask the kids to write a short note on the back explaining why they'regrateful to that person. Family members, especially those who don't live nearby, will cherishthe present.

___18___ Pick a regular time, maybe one Saturdaya month, and do some voluntary jobs as a family.___19___ One child may want to spend aday helping to clean up their favorite park while another might want to read books to nursing home residents.

Go grocery shopping for a family in need.Many stores now offer pre-made bags to donate right at the checkout line. Whilethis is convenient, the larger the role they play in the act of giving, the bigger the effect itwill have on your kids.___20___

Taking time as a family to practice gratitude doesn'thave to be difficult or time-consuming and the benefits your children will get are long-lasting.

A. It will make the experience much more powerful.

B. Let kids take pictures of themselves with their lovedones.

C. Keep gratitude journals.

D. Volunteer together.

E. If you can find a charity where youdeliver the groceries , that's even better.

F. Write it on a green leaf and tape it tothe tree trunk.

G. Let family members take turns to pick an activity that meanssomething to them.

【答案】16. F    17. B  

18. D   19. G  

20. E

第二节  (10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15)

阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

Take atour of Monkey Park

Situatedbetween Jerusalem and the coastal city of Tel Aviv, Israel's Monkey Park ishome___41___more than two hundred and fifty different species of monkeys.

Consideredone of the country's most popular animal___42___(attract), Monkey Park offers aunique experience while___43___(educate)the public about these lovely creatures.It___44___(run)by the Israeli Primate Foundation, a nonprofit organization whoseaim is___45___(provide) a rehabilitation(康复)center for monkeys.

Over thelast two years the park has received 650 monkeys from a breeding farm that shutdown. Most monkeys in___46___park live in enclosures (圈地). Visitors are able to view themup close and, thanks to one___47___(special) designed section, are even able tointeract with them. Right outside the visiting area is the rehabilitationcenter. That's___48___ monkeys who need care are being nursed back to health.

Among thefamily-friendly activities___49___(offer) at Monkey Park for human visitors are workshops, rides and wall climbing. There are also comprehensive guided walkingtours,___50___last up to three hours.

Onefeature of the Monkey Park is the children's playground. But it's still the monkeys that attractpeople most.

41.to   考查介词固定用法

42. attractions 考查名词用法和将动词变为名词与高考题66考查点一致   43. Educating 现在分词做时间状语主动形式与高考题70考查点一致    44. is run   

45. to provide 不定式表目的与高考题64考查点一致  

46. the    定冠词表特指与高考题62考查点一致

47. specially  副词用法和形容词变为副词与高考题63考查点一致



50. which 非限定定语从句,没有主语,指物与高考题69考查点一致

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35)

第一节  短文改错(10小题;每小题l分,满分10)

Eventoday, a man with good manner will politely open the door for a lady, help herput on her coat when necessary and see her safely to the door of her homebefore a date. When a man take a woman out for a dinner, it is consideredimpolite to help her with her chair when she gets up or sits down. On acrowding train or bus, it is proper for a man offer a woman his seat,particular if she is old or carries a baby. Even when it comes to shake hands, ladies come first.It is impolite for a man to extend his hand for a handshake upon firstgreeting. Unless a woman does not extend her hand to the man first, the manshouldn’t offer theirs.

第二节  书面表达(满分25)

假如你是某国际学校学生李华,并担任该校新成立社团“Chinese Traditional Culture










Dear students

   Iam Li Hua, chairman of the new club“Chinese Traditional Culture Lovers”


   Thanksfor listening


Dear students

I am LiHua, chairman of the new club“Chinese Traditional Culture Lovers”.Ourclub is aimed at helping students to learn more about our traditional cultureand enrich our school life.

We’llinvite history and Chinese teachers of our school to give lectures. We can alsolearn how to make kites and appreciate Chinese classical literature. Besides,we plan to organize trips to some places of interest in our city.

We hopeto attract those who have great interest in our traditional culture and wouldlike to exchange ideas with others. The spirit of teamwork is expeciallyvalued.

Please take an active part inour club. With you, we’ll be on the journey to explore the wonderful world ofChinese traditional culture.

   Thanksfor listening



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